iGOTHAM Capital

We create, acquire and invest in ideas and companies

Grow and Scale

We build and buy companies with a focus on SaaS, media, marketing  technology and mobile enabled technology services


Programmatic Advertising Exchange

250+ Employees

Real Time Advertising Technology



$10M+ Gross Revenues

Acquired in 2012 by OpenX 

Publisher Optimization Technology



$100M+ Revenue prior to acquisition

300+ Employees

Leader in Japanese Mobile Gaming

Acquired by Beaglee JP in 2014

movi healthcare

HIPPA Compliant Medical Transport


Exited upon acquisition of SIB


PE Consulting

Growth Partnerships

Investor Networks


$10M+ Revenue prior to acquisition

50+ Employees

Fixed Cost Recover Space


Personal Search

Personal Search Engine

Millions of Shares

Brand your own search engine


SIB Lighting

LED Lighting Consulting Company

Lighting as a Service


Growth through Partnership or Acquisition.

We buy, partner and incubate companies.

We invest to help them scale. 

Based in New York with international network.  

Kingchih Fan, CFA

Kingchih Fan is the Managing Partner of iGOTHAM, a holding company focused on growth, marketing and automation. He is a serial entrepreneur, operator and investor.

He was most recently an Operating Partner with The Riverside Company, a $10B private equity fund. 

Prior to this he was the Chief Business Officer of SIB, a 50+ employee firm that helps Fortune 1000 companies find and reduce costs.

Through acquisition to exit, SIB increased its valuation by over 10x in 3 years

Kingchih led East Coast Venture Capital Partnerships for Microsoft, led international expansion for OpenX and founded LiftDNA, an advertising technology company which commercialized and patented ‘header bidding’, a technology now used by over 70% of Comscore 100 publishers.

LiftDNA grew to $10 million per year in gross revenue in 2.5 years prior to merger with OpenX.

Kingchih graduated with Honors with a B.A. in Economics from The University of Chicago. He is a CFA® charterholder.


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